B-Human has a Blog!

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A blog? Why? We usually posted many photos and short texts about our team on different social media platforms. We will continue doing this. However, information stored on these platforms is not easy to access for everybody and lacks a proper organization. If one wants to find some photos or information about a certain RoboCup participation, even search engines might not provide adequate results.

Our blog, which has the B-Human-style name B-Log, is intended to only contain few but long texts that might still be worth reading in the future. In addition to this, an ever more important part will be the image galleries (nicknamed the B-ilder). These will contain a selection of original high resolution photos together with descriptions and copyright information. The whole software for this blog has been implemented by members of our team and might be described in a future blog post.

We will now start with few initial galleries. For each upcoming event, a new gallery with about 5-20 photos will be added. Furthermore, if we find some time, more and more photo sets from previous events, documenting B-Human's past, might be added, too.